Identification of Essential Oil Components by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry


COD: Chromatography Categoria:

Robert P. Adams

A comprehensive collection of mass spectra and retention times of common components in plant essential oils, this reference covers 2,205 compounds.

Every compound includes:
• RT – retention time on DB-5 capillary column
• AI – arithmetic retention index
• KI – Kovat’s retention index
• CAS # – chemical abstracts service number
• MF – molecular formula
• FW – formula weight
• MSD LIB# – entry number in library
• CN – chemical name
• Synonyms – list of synonyms
• Source – source of compound used for spectrum. If the compound occurs in nature, two additional sources for the compound (concentration at % oil, plant name, literature reference) are included.

All 2,205 compounds have been analyzed from their original sources on an HP5971 MSD mass spectrometer using HP Chemstation software.

Allured, 2007