Nutrafoods 3 – 2016 (pdf)


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A new officially recognized role for nutraceuticals in the management of dyslipidemias for cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation
Francesco Di Pierro

Bifidobacterium longum ES1: a probiotic with a strong anti-inflammatory phenotype
Salvador Genovés, Daniel Ramón

Dynamic role of natural antioxidant sources on different parameters of bread quality: a review
Debasmita Pathak, Jayshree Majumdar, Utpal Raychaudhuri, Runu Chakraborty

Original Research

The role of lutein in brain health and function
Samanta Maci, Brenda Fonseca, Yong Zhu

Optimization of co-fermentation of carrot and tomato juices by probiotic bacteria and yeast using a central composite design
S. Naga Sivudu, B. Ramesh, B. Vijaya Kumar, O.V.S. Reddy

High inhibitory effect on lipid peroxidation by Hammada elegans phenolic extracts
Khaled Djokhdem, Amar Djeridane, Nourelhouda Renane, Mohamed Yousfi

Can nutrition education in primary school students affect dietary habits?
Masha Mohajeri, Sepideh Sepahi, Ali Nemati, Farideh Iranpour

Probiotics and immune modulation: reducing risk for cold and flu
Liisa Lehtoranta, Markus Lehtinen, Arthur C. Ouwehand

Scientific Updates
Nanotech – Nanotechnology and nanomaterials in food
Botanicals – Adverse effects of plant food supplements: an update from the PlantLIBRA survey
Scientific Literature – Protein, peptide or amino acid supplementation

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